Linux Press & Linux Journal Good News

Linux Press & Linux Journal Good News

Post by Phil Hugh » Mon, 08 Aug 1994 07:30:50

There is a two-page article on Linux in Nuts & Volts magazine, August 1994
issue.  The article is written by me and includes a lot of contact
information for vendors.  As it turns out, they apparently needed a
graphic for the page and didn't have one so they put in a box with the
work LINUX in it about 100 times.  Sure jumps out.

And, while I am wasting bandwidth a fax just came in to SSC from one of
the stores that resells Linux Journal.  When Ellie (our distribution
person) originally approached them about selling LJ they said they would
take 3.  Ellie told them that 10 was the minimum and after some arm
twisting, they got 10.  Today's fax says:
                URGENT!     <-- in 1-inch letters
    Dear Ellie: OK. You were right.
    These issues of Linux Journal are _flying- off the shelf. ...
    I need to move my draw up to 25 month. ... Can I get some
    more August issues from you? ...

Apparently there are some people out there that have heard of Linux and
want more info.  Watch out NT.
Phil Hughes, SSC, Inc. P.O. Box 55549, Seattle, WA 98155  (206)FOR-UNIX

Quote:>>> Publishers of pocket references for UNIX, C, ..., Linux Journal <<<


1. Linux Journal - Good News

As the original "flaky" publisher of Linux Journal responsible for
issues #1 and #2,  I'd like to wade into the defense of the "New"
Linux Journal and their staff.

It would help if those in the Linux community obeyed a couple of
rules regarding the Journal, and other suppliers for that matter.
(The likelihood of net users obeying rules being less than zilch, I
thought I'd ask regardless):

-Don't post your personal gripe before trying to contact the
publication to sort it out.  A single unacknowledged email message
does not count as trying.  LJ can be reached at:

fax: (206) 527-2806
tel:  (206) 527-3385 - although they prefer email or faxed messages.

-Keep in mind the basic economics of publishing.  These are that the
production and mailing costs eat up most of the $19 annual
subscription fee.  Publications whose subscription rates are under
$30 for 12 issues are relying on advertising re

nue to make any
Ad revenue is directly proportional to number of readers.  Linux
Journal will need many times its current subscriber base before it is
solidly in the black.  Trust me.  Its current rate of new subscriptions
will ensure that it will get there in due course.

-Most publications state upfront that you are to allow 60 days for
your subscription to start.  We tried, and I know SSC intends to
continue to try to improve on that standard, but this will not always
be possible.

-A better use of these newsgroups will be to debate issues raised by
the Journal.   Phil Hughes and his co-horts are among the staunchest
supporters of Linux and should only be applauded for their efforts.  
Whether they produce a publication of value to their readers will
depend in large part from the support, both in terms of *useful*
feedback and contributed editorial, they receive from the Linux

To repeat, please don't post your personal problems no matter how
heart-breaking, at least until you've given Linux Journal the
opportunity to address them.

Cheers,  Bob.

Bob Young, Publisher of New York UNIX Magazine
(former publisher of Linux Journal)  

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