Install Linux on Toshiba TECRA 8000

Install Linux on Toshiba TECRA 8000

Post by Zhou-Jin W » Sat, 19 Dec 1998 04:00:00

I want to install Linux on Toshiba TECRA 8000.  Does anyone can give me
some suggestion or comment?  The following is may laptop specification:

Hardware Specification
CPU             Pentium II 266
RAM             128 MB, SO-DIMM SDRAM, 3.3V
HDD             6.4 GB, ATA-4
CD-ROM          TEAC
VIDEO           NeoMagic (2200) w/256-bit data bus width
SGRAM           2.5 MB
Display         13.3", 1024x768
Sound           Yamaha OPL3-SA3
Modem           56Kbps Fax/Modem PC Card
Ethernet Card   D-Link DFE-650 Fast Ethernet PC Card


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I'm trying to install Solaris 7 on a Toshiba Tecra 8000 with a DVD-ROM. The
Device Configuration Assistant recognizes the Toshiba DVD-ROM and I select
it as the boot device to begin the installation. After selecting the Web
based install, I get a few read failures for the CD-ROM and then the
installation terminates. I know the CD-ROM is good as I can read it from NT
installed on the same machine. I assume the loaded CD-ROM driver can't
handle the DVD device. Any suggestions?

I'm beginning to think loading Solaris 7 on a notebook isn't a good idea. I
just wanted to load it to learn more about Solaris. Was hoping to dual-boot
with NT via System Commander. Any suggestions in this area are also


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