snedmail not delivering email!!!!!

snedmail not delivering email!!!!!

Post by bag.. » Sun, 10 Sep 2000 10:15:01

I have installed and configured RH 6.2 as my DNS, and Mail Server.
I have followed some sample instructions and configured sendmail for
smpt and imap. I can use outlook express to connect to the mail server
from a Microsoft machine and send messages. However, sendmail can only
send and receive email to and from the root account. All other emails
go to the none-deliverable basket. This of course used to work until I
changed something in the file. I don't know what. Any
changes made to the cf file were done using the Control Panel network
Can someone tell me why this happens.

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snedmail not delivering email!!!!!

Post by David M. Co » Sun, 10 Sep 2000 12:46:52

Quote:>send and receive email to and from the root account. All other emails

You probably need to turn relaying on for your domain in /etc/mail/access,

# Check the /usr/doc/sendmail-8.9.3/ file for a description
# of the format of this file. (search for access_db in that file)
# The /usr/doc/sendmail-8.9.3/ is part of the sendmail-doc
# package.
# by default we allow relaying from localhost...
localhost.localdomain           RELAY
localhost                       RELAY                       RELAY

# Relay for my domain.  I believe hosts need both forward and reverse DNS
# resolution for this to work.                    RELAY

# You can also add a class A, B, or C.  AFAIK, for a subnet you'd have to
# add each IP if you didn't want the whole class C in there.

192.168.1                       RELAY

Dave Cook


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