page up & down keys dont work in ascii terminal

page up & down keys dont work in ascii terminal

Post by Dave Bro » Wed, 19 Jun 2002 07:07:58

> I have a RH 7.3 box, no gui installed, plain workstation. I have it set with
> vt100, that rlogins into a sun solaris box and runs a command that runs an
> ascii terminal app.
> The problem that I am having is that the page up and page down keys dont
> work. How do I map them?

If your terminal is emulating vt100, then it shouldn't respond to page-up/
page-down.  vt100 terminals had no such keys.

And "xterm", (at least the version with RH 7.2), will connect via
ssh to my ISP, allow me to bring up vi, and do PgUp/PgDn with the
version of vi that the ISP uses (v1.79 BSD).

Dave Brown  Austin, TX


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