ext2fs performance (vs. FAT(32))

ext2fs performance (vs. FAT(32))

Post by Kurt Rosenfel » Mon, 04 May 1998 04:00:00

Hello experts, I recently read the Kernel Hackers Guide section on the
implementation of the Second Extended File System.  It is very clear,
and gives benchmark comparisons with BSD, but not with any other file
systems.  I am interested in developing a multitrack audio editing
system and will choose between filesystems or even OS'es.  Is there any
available data/knowledge on the relative performances of Linux/ext2fs
vs. Win95/FAT32 for concurrently accessing multiple file streams?  Also
is there any data/knowledge on the impact of sync vs. async modes for
extended continuous file accesses such as those common in computer
audio?  thank you-Kurt Rosenfeld


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