Text screen is not restored after exiting from X-windows

Text screen is not restored after exiting from X-windows

Post by Ren B. Biton » Sun, 11 Sep 1994 06:07:26


        I just got X-windows running under linux, but the only problem so
far is the following:

        When I exit a window manager, i.e. fvwm, I expect to return to the
text screen from which I had invoked startx, the script to run X-windows.
However, my screen becomes distorted with a flickering green pseudo-rectangle
and I can never returned to the text screen mode (console).

        I need to reboot in order to have the system running again.

        I hope somebody can help me out.  My computer consists of the

        AST Advantage Plus 486dx2-66
        16 MB RAM
        ATI Mach 32 chipset on a local bus
        17" Panasonic 1795E (PanaSync) which complies with VESA standards

        I heard from a friend that ATI might cause some problems.  Is that
true, and if so, what sort of problems?  If not , what can be causing my
problem of not being able to return to text mode after exiting X-windows.

        Any remedies or utility to fix this ?  



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My computer is currently using S3-Virge GX2 video card.  I have downloaded
the XFree86-3.3.+ and is able to start the x-windows succesfully.
Unfortunately, when i exit from x-windows, my text-screen is corrupted.
If there any command to restore the text-screen or is it a bug in the S3V
server that i am unaware of. Any workaround is also greatly appreciated.

I am looking forward for some solutions


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