Linux black-out

Linux black-out

Post by Zdravko Balor » Wed, 01 May 1996 04:00:00


I have experienced a complete black out of my Linux box.
Screen is blank, network isn't running (even ping wouldn't
work), tty ports are dead. I have linux 1.3.20. It happend
today for the third time. I thaught it is hardware, but
it happened to a frend of mine too. He has Slackware
2, and i have version 3. Has anyone else experienced
anything similar?

Regards, Zdravko.


1. Avoiding DHCP missconfiguration in black-outs

Dear all,

I have three Linux running machines at the University. All of them get
the IP address using DHCP. However, recently it is usual to have power
black outs here, so not only my PC's fall, but also the DHCP server, so
sometimes I reach here in the morning and find that the only interface
running in my PC's is lo. Maybe the DHCP server is not avaible at the
time my computers are on again. I don't know.

I wonder if it is possible to solve this using some kind of cron task
that checks if eth0 is up, and if not to start it up.

Best regards,


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