Porting Linux x86 sound driver to MIPS-Linux platformm

Porting Linux x86 sound driver to MIPS-Linux platformm

Post by addagarla.srini.. » Sun, 06 Feb 2000 04:00:00

Hi All,

       I have got the following problem. You know very well that Linux
is popular among x86 machines. There are Linux ports for Alpha, MIPS
family of processors.

       I have got one server from Cobalt Systems (http://www.cobalt.com)
which is based on MIPS processor and runs Linux Kernel 3.0.24. The
model name of the server is Qube2. Qube2 is basically targetted at .com
market. It doesn't have monitor and keyboard. Qube2 has got one PCI
slot. I am trying to put a Creative sound card into the slot.

       Qube2's kernel doesn't provide sound support. So I tried to
compile the  x86 sound driver source on my Qube2. The kernel was panic
When I tried to plugin the driver into the kernel. I couldn't find any
Linux sound driver for MIPS processor.

       Could anybody on the list help  me in this problem. I want to
know the complexity of the job. What I am trying is... I segregated the
Creative Sound card releted code from the driver.. Now I am planning to
separate the x86 dependant stuff. Once I done with that, I have to port
that code to MIPS platform.

       I really dont know the dependancy of the sound driver on the
underlying microprocessor. All the driver source code is in C and cant
figure out how I can go ahead..

         Did anybody know the source of Sound driver for MIPS?.  Could
anybody on hte list can take up the job?. I am ready to contract the
job. I need the solution at the earliest.

        Is there any documentation for understanding the sound driver
source  code?..


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