sendmail and problem

sendmail and problem

Post by Mr. Og » Thu, 22 Jun 1995 04:00:00

  My network connections is intermittent SLIP (ok, SLiRP, but it's not
important, this problem is purely local)  I often write my mail
off-line and just let sendmail queue it up locally.  Then when the
connection comes up, it goes and sends it by itself.  Fine, good.

  But recently, it stopped working.  Every time I tried to send
something off-line, it would get bounced back immediately saying
something like "Host <host>: Unknown server error"

  Experiments eventually showed that if I tried sendmail to an IP #

bothering me for two days now, when I first noticed it, because I
hadn't changed anything in sendmail's config, AND I tried installing
smail and had the _exact_same_problem.

  Hmm I thought.  WHAT THE HELL DID I CHANGE?  Oh yeah, I upgraded my
libc to 4.6.27.  So I tried putting the old 4.5.26 back (because I
hardly ever delete things until they've been obsolete for years ;)

  So.  It's a bug in  Has anyone else encountered
this, and is there some solution other than fixing the library myself?
Until I find some way to fix it, I'm just going to stick with
libc.4.5.26, because I can count the binaries I've gotten that need
4.6.27 on one finger.

  For reference, if I try to telnet somewhere while the link is down,
with 4.5.26 I get "Host name lookup failure"  which apparently is what
sendmail wants to get.  If I do it with 2.6.27, it comes back as
"Unknown server error"  which as you can see above is what sendmail
and smail complain about.


Oh? grrrr!


1. sendmail/libc 4.6.27 'name server timeout' problem

  I think the easy fix was to edit /etc/hosts.conf and put bind first.  IE:

        order bind, hosts
        multi on

  I haven't seen a binary form released with that fix installed.  The next
version of the official library that comes out should have it fixed, but
you probably don't want to wait that long.  (:

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