Problem with LS export under Linux 2.0.33

Problem with LS export under Linux 2.0.33

Post by Nigel A. Taylo » Fri, 12 Jun 1998 04:00:00

Hi everyone,
                    I've got a problem?.  I somehow have lost the LS
color enviroment on my linux box. I've got bash 2.0 running on Linux
2.0.33 w/ all the updated libs....
I've checked my profile file and and everything looks ok.. Don't know
what else...Need some help!



1. Talk problem and ftp problem with my Linux(2.0.33)

Suppose I have several xterms on tty1 and I want to talk to one of them
except the background (the blank screen before I start X), but each time
I issue the command "talk user tty1", the talk message always goes to
the background. How can I solve that problem so that I know exactly who
is intiating a talk to me? (by seeing the message "talk: respond with: ..."
on one of my terms ) and what's more, I want a beep to remind me of someone
calling me, my talk doesn't give me a beep at all, where can I have it set?

One more question about ftp, I installed ssh and I use shadow password,
but I let sshd and inetd run together, now I can only  use telnet to my server,
while ftp to my server is refused although I supply the server  with correct
password, what goes wrong here?

Please help me out if you have ideas about the problems, leave me a message

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