General Protection Error!

General Protection Error!

Post by Thomas Mars » Sat, 23 Sep 1995 04:00:00

Hello all,

I have been using Linux since 1.1.x and have had no problems until now.  What
happens is strange and I will tell the events leading up to the problem.

I install my new ELF system running 1.2 kernel. Then my S3(X11) server crashed
and instead of going back to console mode, it rebooted my computer and fsck
would not fix the problems so I had to do it manually from a boot disk. I
compiled a newer S3 server and eerything seemed to be running fine except for
the fact that every 5 seconds my syslog would be uppdated with the following

        ARP: arp called for own IP

It didn't seem to cause any problems so I have ignored that.

Later I installed shadow. A few weeks ago ld stopped working so I installed and gcc 2.7.0.  Now compiling works great, but after working for 6
hours, X locks up or segfaults and spits me back into console. When I try to
run any programs (like shutdown) I get a segmentation fault (even on simple
hello world programs). Finally the terminal locks up. When I switch to another
VC I get the login prompt, but entering my username causes it to say "general
protection:" followed by a whole bunch of hex. Rebooting (and running fsck) I
can get back in and everything seems to work normally for another 6 or so
hours. Thinking my kernel was causing problems (was 1.3.15) I installed the
newest one:  1.3.27. No good.

It sounds like more than one problem to me.  ARP having to do with some
improper network setup, and screwing up the way my programs run.  Any
help with this is really appreciated as I depend on my computer to be on 24
hours a day.

Thanks a lot!
Thomas Marsh



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Hoping not to waste bandwidth, can someone tell me how to fix general
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My setup:  386-25, ST01 SCSI controller, ST296N drive.  40MB Linux partition.
I'm trying to boot bootimage.96a.  When booting off floppy it works just great
and seems to like my system.  (Once I figured out how to format the proper

When booting off the hard drive, I get all the way to the point when the login
prompt is given, and I get a general protection error 0000.  After that,
everytime I try to log in, it happens again, and I'm dropped out to the login
prompt again.

Thanks in advance all.


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