SB Pro 2.0 8 bit stereo / Mitsumi FX001D CD-Rom & Workman Volume ???

SB Pro 2.0 8 bit stereo / Mitsumi FX001D CD-Rom & Workman Volume ???

Post by Rasquin Jean-Pier » Wed, 28 Sep 1994 19:54:19


I'm just unable to change the volume with workman (or any other prog I haven't
found yet ;-) ) ? This does work for a friend having a SB 32ASP and SCSI
CD-Rom (attached to his Adaptec 1542, but I don't think this matters, it's
the SB that should play with the volume settings)...

Any clue ?

Regards, JP.

PS: Is there something like the SB Mixer (for Windoze) for X ?


1. Mitsumi CD-Rom, SB-Pro and Workman

Hi all,

Here's my problem:
I've got a Mitsumi CD-Rom drive hooked on the SB-Pro interface card.
In order to play music-cd's in Dos, I turned the audio socket on the
SB-Pro card 180 degrees: otherwise the music would only play extremely
soft. In Dos this works fine. However using Workman in Linux I get only
get that extremely soft sound. Did any of you have that same problem?
If yes: how did you solve this?

Thanks for your time,

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