Ftape errors. FDC does not work

Ftape errors. FDC does not work

Post by Hai Che » Wed, 14 Aug 1996 04:00:00

Hello. When I use ftape, I got error messages in log file. The tape can
responde my commands only with an error about FDC. The following is the
error message.

ftape-2.08 960314

 QIC-117 driver for QIC-40/80/3010/3020 tape drives
 Compiled for kernel version 2.0.11
[000] kernel-interface.c (ftape_init) - installing QIC-117 ftape

[005]    fdc-io.c (fdc_config) - Using fdc controller at alternate
[006]      fdc-isr.c (fdc_isr) - unexpected stray interrupt.
[007]    fdc-io.c (fdc_grab_irq_and_dma) - DMA-gate on standard fdc
[008]    fdc-io.c (fdc_probe) - Type i82078-1 or 5Volt i82078SL FDC
[009]   ftape-ctl.c (ftape_activate_drive) - drive wakeup method:
[010]   ftape-ctl.c (ftape_log_vendor_id) - tape drive type: Conner
[011]     ftape-io.c (ftape_report_configuration) - TR-2 tape detected.

[013]    ftape-io.c (ftape_set_data_rate) - unknown length QIC-3010
[014]    ftape-ctl.c (ftape_calc_timeouts) - Unknown tape length, using
worst case timing values!.
[015]       fdc-io.c (fdc_result) - fdc not ready.
[016]       fdc-io.c (fdc_result) - fdc_read timeout, retry.
[017]       fdc-io.c (fdc_result) - fdc_read timeout, retry.
[018]       fdc-io.c (fdc_result) - fdc_read timeout, retry.
[019]       fdc-io.c (fdc_result) - fdc_read timeout, fatal.
[020]      fdc-isr.c (fdc_isr) - probably fatal error during FDC Result
[021]      fdc-isr.c (fdc_isr) - drive may hang until (power) reset :-(.
[022]    fdc-io.c (fdc_grab_irq_and_dma) - DMA-gate on standard fdc
enabled again.

Any help is welcome.


1. Ftape reports "Your FDC does not support QIC-3020.." ?

I'm back at trying to use ftape-3.03b-970603 with the nefarious DITTO
2GB, and for added adventure, I am using Linux 2.1.51 on an IPC
Pentium computer of questionable chipsets.  To make a long story
short, ftmt -f /dev/qft0 status makes the tape go back and forth
unable to find a position, occassionally pausing to say

Your FDC does not support QIC-3020..

Is this a reasonable conclusion?

I also had trouble with the DITTO under windows, but I was
willing to blame that on the way windows software only rarely
works as promised.  Ftape's opinion, I trust ;)  The drive controllers
are on the motherboard, something I don't like as a general rule,
but I needed a machine fast and this one was cheap.  Is it time
to disable the onboard FDC and plug in a real one?

Here's what /proc/ftape/controller has to say about it:

FDC type : i8272
FDC base : 0x3f0
FDC irq  : 6
FDC dma  : 2
max. rate: 500 kbit/sec

segments : 102
tracks   : 20
length   : 0ft
formatted: yes
writable : no
QIC spec.: QIC-3020

vendor id : 0x08883
drive name: Iomega DITTO 2GB
wind speed: 0 ips
wakeup    : Colorado
max. rate : 2000 kbit/sec

Any advice is gleefully welcome.

Gary Lawrence Murphy  - TeleDynamics -  (519)422-1150 f(519):422-2723

http://www.sos.on.ca/~garym/ - RR#1 7 Forest Pl Sauble Beach, Ont CAN
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