Redhat Networking/DNS problem, please help

Redhat Networking/DNS problem, please help

Post by slon.. » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

I have a strange network problem. The box is running Redhat 6.2, bind-
8.2.2_P5-9,'Server' install, intell based.  When 'named' is running I
cannot ping on IP address anywhere except the domain cofigured in the
zone file. If zone file is not present I just cannot ping anywhere on
I ran 'tcpdump'. When 'named' is not running, I get continuous flow of
packets. Shortly after I start 'named' the flow stops.
I am looking for ANY clues. Any suggestions on what should I check. Am
I having misconfigured network? My routing tables are perfect,
everything works fine until I start 'named'.
I have reinstalled redhat 6.2 several times. I even installed 6.1, with
all the same settings. It works perfectly well with 'named' running.
Please help! Write what ever comes up to you mind,

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