RFD: comp.os.linux.hardware.vendors or comp.os.linux.forsale

RFD: comp.os.linux.hardware.vendors or comp.os.linux.forsale

Post by William Burr » Sat, 29 Mar 1997 04:00:00

: > Great.  Why not just slap every hardware vendor who wants to support Linux
: > straight in the face.  Soon, they will be lining up for the treatment!
: > Linux will have hardware support galore!

: Who is slapping them in the face? The newsgroup is not a marketplace
: group, and they are ignoring the long-standing rules of the usenet by
: posting their wares for sale in a group that was created explicitly to
: deal with people's Linux-induced hardware problems. It is the vendors
: that are slapping US in the face by disregarding the rules that some

: The solution is very simple: Create a comp.os.linux.forsale group
: to draw off the spam, invite linux-friendly vendors to post there,

Well, if it must be, here it is -- put your money where your mouth is.  Lets
make Linux easy for hardware vendors to access.  In turn, perhaps -- just
perhaps -- we can receive better support for hardware under Linux.  You
can kid yourselves that manufacturor support will mystically appear, or
you can support them the same way Linux has supported other groups of
users for years, through the newsgroups.

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