NYC LOCAL: Wednesday 9 October 2002 GNUbies Meeting: Alex Khalil on GNU/Linux: An Overview for Gnubies

NYC LOCAL: Wednesday 9 October 2002 GNUbies Meeting: Alex Khalil on GNU/Linux: An Overview for Gnubies

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We are pleased to announce that this Wednesday, October 9, 2002, Alex
Khalil will be speaking at Gnubies.  The topic is "An Overview of
GNU/Linux for Gnubies.  As Usual the presentation will be preceded by a
general Question and Answer session and the meeting is free and open to the

As usual the meeting will be held at the IBM building at 590 Madison
Ave. in the space generously provided by IBM.  For IBM security it is
necessary to bring a photo ID for admittance and to email your full name
in advance (as it appears  on your ID.)  I have been assured by our IBM
contacts that the information will only be used for security in being
admitted to the building.  You can reply with your full name to this email
(preferably deleting the body), you can use the link from the web
page (deleting spam-avoidance portions) or you can email

Date:       Wednesday, October 9, 2002
Time:       6:30 Q&A
            7:00 Alex Khalil
Topic:      An Overview of GNU/Linux for Gnubies
Location:   The IBM Building
            590 Madison Ave. NY. NY
            (at 57th Street)
Free and open to the public
Photo ID & RSVP with full name required

We look forward to seeing you at the meeting.

The GNU/Linux/Free OS Beginners' Group

< Forwarded stuff from IBM below here. />

Useful information from Dan Halle, who is responsible for our having the
IBM space, and whom you may have met last month:

Forwarded from Dan Halle:

Linux adoption is growing at an exponential rate.  International Data
Corporation (IDC) forecasts that during the next three years Linux
shipments will grow faster than those of any other operating system.
Linux is real business.  Linux is here to stay. The Finance, Retail,
Distribution, Telco and Service Provider industries are  embracing the
reliability, scalability, performance and low cost of Linux solutions.

IBM has a significant commitment to the open source community, and is
offering those who wish to become more familiar with Linux a series of
free workshops sponsored by the Linux Center of Competence in New York

Each workshop provides  information needed to get you started. The agenda
for both workshops is:

The Java-Linux combination is uniquely positioned to create an environment
where applications can be developed once, and deployed across a broad
range of servers and environments.
Come to this session to learn about the natural synergies between Java and
Linux, and what tools and resources are available today to help you get

Since Linux has a natural affinity to UNIX, the introduction of a Linux
environment is less challenging for UNIX professionals than might be
expected.  Come join us for an evening and you'll leave with an
understanding of what skills are transferable, as well as some of the
differences and similarities you'll find in both the production and
administrative environments. The material covered is based on the very

These workshops are being offered free of charge at IBM's New York City
office at 590 Madison Ave (at 57th Street) Room 609/610. Refreshments will
be served.

Please register via phone by calling 800/289-0579 or via the web by
visting and reference the confirmation code for the
session(s) you wish to attend.

Best Regards,

Dan Dantzic
Marketing Manager, eServer,
FSS Customer Set
212-745-2769...FAX 253-981-9722

And if you missed them on our web page, here are the IBM Linux links
mentioned at the last meeting:

Here is the link to the Linux zone of developerworks:

Here is the link directly to the tutorials:


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