128-256 symbols on my screen - HOW TO?!

128-256 symbols on my screen - HOW TO?!

Post by Sam Steingo » Sun, 02 Oct 1994 03:57:18

What can be done to tell Linux how to show the 8bit chars on the
terminal? (cyrillic etc) It wasn't a problem with MS DOS! (Just like the
shitty MS Windows configure themselves and the configuring of X is such
a pain!)

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I would appreciate comments on / corrections of my English from native
English speakers. Thank You!


1. kernel 2.2: linux sees 128 when 256 RAM?


i have a quick question about this age old "i have x amount of mem, but
free reports only y" question

i've got a linux box with kernel 2.2[.15] w/256ram but doing free gives
me a reported mem of 128... i thought that this was something that the
2.2 kernels were to fix - well, the config options even give you a
option of max memory going up to 2gb!

is this simply something i've done wrong, or do i still need to pass
certain params via lilo on kernel boot ('append MEM=256' was it?).


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