Problems with Emergency recovery disk set...bad boot disk!

Problems with Emergency recovery disk set...bad boot disk!

Post by Henry Hollenbe » Mon, 14 Oct 1996 04:00:00


I am tring to make an emergency recovery disk set.  I am using the scheme
of one boot floppy (kernel only), a second root floppy (which loads into
a ramdisk after the kernel boots) and a third utility disk.

This seems simpler since you don't have to try and cram/compress a bunch of
stuff onto one or two floppys...also very flexible.  I am using the "Bootkit"
utility to make these disks from Scott Burkett.

I understand that if a kernel is written to a floppy disk starting at the first
sector then lilo is not will boot itself....and it seems to be trying.  
The "root" and "utility" disks seem to be fine when I mounted and checked them.

I figured the boot floppy would be the easiest thing, but that's what I'm hung
up on.  I've used /vmlinuz, /vmlinus.gen and the kernel off the Linux backup
floppy created during RedHat/Caldera installation.  I've also reconfigured and
recompiled the kernel and used that one (/usr/src/linux/arch/i386/boot/zImage),
and they all fail exactly the same way.....HELP!  

These are the errors I get:

Quote:>>> kernal: loading compressed root disk image <<<

VFS: Disk change detected on device 2/0

RAMDISK: Could not load image

Quote:>>> kernel mounting root filesytem <<<

VFS: Insert root floppy and press ENTER

So, at this point I know I got a problem (prob. done something real dumb but
have no idea what) but figure let's see what I stick the root
disk in and hit ENTER and all hell breaks lose!  We got children being created
and I think killed by the across the screen.  I guess it's
some kind of endless fork loop.  So I pull the disk out and give it the three
finger salute and do some more head scratching.....any ideas as to what
I've screwed up?


p.s. apologize for the cross-post but the group I origonally posted to looked kind of
slow and I'm dead in the water till this one is straightened out.

        Henry Hollenberg


1. what different between boot disk, root disk and emergency disk???


I'm just work in the academic lab which have 4 Linux servers. The
system administrator is gone whithou any information about how to deal
with the system crash or down.

We need to create some disk ( I mean floppy disk or the cD disk) in
case the system down.

I read the book about the Linux administartor. I'm confused that the
boot disk, root disk and emergency disk. What's they  different?

How can I create a boot disk in case the server is down, then I can
use the boot disk to boot the server.

What kind the disk should I prepare for the Liunx system if the system
is crashing or down?

Thank you very much


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