Is there any Virus scan for linux

Is there any Virus scan for linux

Post by Paul DeMar » Sun, 17 Sep 1995 04:00:00

Are there any programs out there for unix or linux that checks for viruses?
Or what do you do if you might have one???

Is there any Virus scan for linux

Post by Gregory Prop » Mon, 18 Sep 1995 04:00:00

Paul;  viruses don't really exist under Linux or other implementations of UNIX.
The reason is that user space programs don't have the kind of free run of the
filesystem they have under DOS or even MacOS.  They are ways to compromise the
security of a Linux system such as the "Trojan Horse" or the 'fork bomb' but
these are not really viruses at all, just ordinary programs that do destructive
things.  The best protection against such things is a healthy paranioa and a
good book on UNIX security.

As far as I have heard no one has ever documneted a SINGLE legitimate case of a
true 'virus' for Linux :-)


Is there any Virus scan for linux

Post by Byron A Je » Mon, 18 Sep 1995 04:00:00

>Are there any programs out there for unix or linux that checks for viruses?
>Or what do you do if you might have one???

Well tell us about your symptoms. Viruses are slightly harder to
implment in Unix vs. DOS/Windows. Unlike DOS/Windows programs most
Unix programs don't have total access to all the machine facilities.
The catch is for a virus to get root access.

On the other hand an annoying virus could suck up resources like RAM,
disk, and CPU cycles. But most times it isn't enough to make the
machine so unusable that you can't get in a kill it. Also the judicious
use of quotas and ulimits can contain such beasts.

Now your PC is succeptable to any Boot Sector virusus out there because
Linux doesn't take control of the machine until after the BIOS has
loaded the boot loader. But it's unlikely that a program on the Unix side
would scramble the boot sector because of access restrictions.

So once again tell us what's happening.

Another random extraction from the mental bit stream of...
Byron A. Jeff - PhD student operating in parallel - And Using Linux!


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I'm running a small ISP, currently using entirely FreeBSD 3.1 servers.  We
use Sendmail 8.9.2 for mail.

We would like to add the facility for virus checking of all email that goes
in and out of our servers.  I've looked into this and found several
SMTP-based products for Windows NT, and a couple for Solaris, but I can't
find any that would run on my current FreeBSD servers.  The nearest I've
found is a product for SCO - which I believe FreeBSD can emulate - however I
dont know if this emulation would be good enough for a production server.

I'd be very surprised if there were any products that support FreeBSD
natively, but of course I can run BSDi and Linux binaries fairly easily
through emulation (and I have succesfully used binaries like this on
production servers without problems; the emulation seems excellent).

If needs be, I could even install a stand alone Linux server, e.g. if
there's a product that works under Linux but wont run (well) under
emulation.  But I really dont want to have to install a NT server for this
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