Databse, Web pages, and other features.. Need help

Databse, Web pages, and other features.. Need help

Post by Sarlock T » Fri, 03 Dec 1999 04:00:00


    I am currently designing a commercial web site for myself, but I would
like to gather some suggestions for a catalog database.   I am looking for a
combination of tolls which will allow me to edit and maintain a database
containing images, descriptions, and prices(with some other info too).  I
need to be able to maintain the database remotely via a web browser.

    The database will be visible to the customer of course, and they should
be able to 'add' the item to a shopping cart.  Since the web site currently
doesn't handle credit cards, when a customer chooses, the web site will give
them a printable order form with all of their shopping cart items in it,
including the cost of the item, and the shipping and handling totals of the
item.  Customer will then print and mail in the order form(or return it via
e-mail, and send payment).

    The database/application should be able to maintain quantities of the
items automatically.  I would also like to be able to modify and update the
item listings via a web browser as needed.

    I have full administrator access to this server, so I CGI scripting is
not a problem, and I do have experience in setting up CGI applications on
web servers.  I just don't have any experience working with web databases
which can provide this functionality.  My PERL/C++ programming skills are
minimal also.

    Any suggestions for low cost(free :) ) software which I can do this, or
maybe some ideas on the structure of the system would be appreciated.

    Thanks for your time,

            Jonathon Caywood




I am trying to set up a web database.

I have few questions, I would appreciate if you can answer them

1) Do you know any Internet service providers who rent space on a Macintosh
  WEBSTAR Server  to set up a web database preferably near California ?

2) Which is the best databse to use with a MAC WEBSTAR server to go on the web

3) Which is the best way to access these databases you suggest ? perl ? CGI ?
some other custom script for the database ?

Thanks a lot

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