Can two versions of same library live together?

Can two versions of same library live together?

Post by Kees Spranger » Thu, 05 Nov 1998 04:00:00


I recentently installed Enlightenment on my SuSE 5.3 Box (looks very
For Enlightenment to work I had to upgrade my libjpeg lib to
As a result of this upgrade I can't run KDE and xv anymore (they need
libjpeg 6.0 which was installed with SuSE 5.3 ).
Is there a way to install this libraries among each other or do I need
to upgrade KDE and xv?


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1. Two consoles and/or two X servers/clients together?

Hello all,

I want to know, whether or not it is possible
to use two different
graphic devices connected to two different
monitors TOGETHER under

I have one primary SVGA device (Matrox
Millenium) connected to a
multisync monitor and a Hercules monochrome
device connected to a (of
course) monochrome monitor.
I normally use the XF86_SVGA server but the
XF86_Mono server works as
well. Can they be used together in any way
instead of only one or the

Would it be possible to use both devices and
monitors as a kind of "dual
consoles" as well?

Any help will be appreciated, TIA for your replies.


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