error: phigsmon: can't load linker /lib/ ??

error: phigsmon: can't load linker /lib/ ??

Post by Mark Wats » Fri, 26 Nov 1993 17:25:43

I have been happily running XFree86 and Linux, then grabbed the PEX
distribution for XFree-2.0 (which is what I am running).  I get the

phigsmon: can't load linker /lib/

I tried a 'find' on, and could not find it anywhere.

Thanks for any help,
  Mark Watson


error: phigsmon: can't load linker /lib/ ??

Post by Harald Mi » Sat, 27 Nov 1993 17:29:35

: > phigsmon: can't load linker /lib/

: > I tried a 'find' on, and could not find it anywhere.

It is at the same place as it was last week and the week before:

Hope that helps. Maybe someone should initiate an automated poster to
tell people where to find BTW, this is written in the XFree86-
HOWTO. Dirk? Here you go again.



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1. Can't load dynamic linker '/lib/'

I am using the Slackware 2.0.0 to install Linux 1.1.18.  This is being done on
a 486 with 8meg, and on a system that has OS/2 and MSDOS currently installed.

I made a primary partition for Linux (100meg) and a 5meg swapfile on a logical
partition (yes, it's small---too small?).  This I did with OS/2's fdisk.

I then went through the installation process with the Slackware boot and
install disks.  I tagged the partitions as 82 & 83, and formatted them within
the installation process.

When I boot up, I get to OS/2 boot manager, where I select the Linux option.
Lilo starts up, but gets hung on loading the dynamic linker:

    init: can't load dynamic linker '/lib/'

I did place LILO in the superblock during setup, and chose for it to load

Is this linker missing from that distribution?  If so, how would I properly
uncompress it.

Any suggestions or comments would be appreciated

Thank you.


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