M$ word descrabler---pre-pre-pre-release

M$ word descrabler---pre-pre-pre-release

Post by Duncan Simps » Sun, 16 Mar 1997 04:00:00

I have got a pre-pre-pre-release of a word descrambler around (much better
than strings). It dies on some documents and if anyone has any good information
on where embedded stuff is and how to read the binary bits, please tell me.

The proigram is designed to support multiple target formats and until someone
gives me the information needed to detect and extract inserts cleaning
up will be needed. If anyone wishes to help or even just test the code then
I will be happy to oblige (esp. if anyone wants to help me develop the code
or knows aomething more about the format than me).

My test/inspiraion documents are the TrueType docs...currently ascii format
is nearly done.

Duncan (-:
P.S. Can anyone tell me what the limitation of word tables are? The format
makes them look limited to *very* basic stuff.