'dip' pointers wanted

'dip' pointers wanted

Post by Michael Cast » Tue, 26 Jul 1994 10:03:29

Well just installed Linux less than 24 hours ago, along with
network support (Slackware 2.0 distribution).  

Got basic slip up and running, and now I want to try and get a
bit fancy with it.

I connect to our schools slip server via 14.4k modem.

Our server recycles after a 4 hour and hangs up the line.  I
assume I can do something simple with my dip script and simply
use a 'goto dial' after the 'mode cslip' command.   So when the
modem hangs up, the dipscript will go to the next command after
the 'mode' command.  Is this correct?  If so, that part is easily

Another problem:  It's a dynamic slip server, and I'd like to be
able to capture my IP address and ftp it to my unix account on
campus.  That way my IP address will always be known and ppl can
access my machine without having to hunt for it through all the
possible IP addresses.  My current plan of attack will be to use
an expect script to handle the process of ftping it to the other
machine and making it available.  Can an external program be
spawned from dip?  If not, I spose I'll spawn dip from expect
rather than the other way around (though I think spawning expect
from dip would be a cleaner approach).

Finally:  I only have one phone line, and don't want to disable
call waiting.  When I get a call and dip stops and loops back up,
is there a way for it to query the modem and see if the line has
a dialtone or not, and block until there is one (either that or
poll once every 5 minutes or so)?  I believe my modem supports AT
commands that allow line status (do they all?) and could write
something with dip that would work, but if this is somehow
already built into dip, that'd be better.

Has anyone else already tackled these problems?  No since doing
my own stuff if others have already done it.

Btw, I'm a bit concerned about the dynamic IP stuff.  I know I'll
have to restart my clients on this end (if nothing else, just to
reestablish the connections) but what about servers?  Actually...
if I'm running ftp, slip dies, I reconnect, then try to use
'open' from within ftp, will that work, or would I have to
quit/restart ftp (yeah I know, simple to try it out but it
demonstrates what I think might be a problem with servers as
well).  Is there any problem with servers having to be killed and
restarted when IP address changes?  or do servers never care
about their own addresses?

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'dip' pointers wanted

Post by Daniel L Moor » Tue, 26 Jul 1994 13:13:14

>Another problem:  It's a dynamic slip server, and I'd like to be
>able to capture my IP address and ftp it to my unix account on
>campus.  That way my IP address will always be known and ppl can

This will return your IP address:

ifconfig sl0 | grep P-t-P | awk '{print $3}'


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