SCSI-DAT s/w like tar for DOS to exchange files LINUX <--> DOS?

SCSI-DAT s/w like tar for DOS to exchange files LINUX <--> DOS?

Post by Andreas Kaes » Wed, 18 Oct 1995 04:00:00

Hi folks!

Is there any software for DOS to access SCSI-DAT drives?
I would like to exchange some big files with DOS users.
I use an HP35470A DAT drive to back up my Linux box and
to exchange data with other Un*x machines. It would be
great to extend this data exchange to DOS boxes.

Is there any adequate software, which runs on Linux and
on DOS?

I found a tar for DOS made by MKS Systems in Canada, but
it cant't handle DATs.

Any other suggestions?

Andreas Kaeser           Metzer Strasse 13a       D-58332 Schwelm          



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