"vat -m"?

"vat -m"?

Post by Amy Leu » Sat, 07 Oct 1995 04:00:00

Hi Gurus,

I've been looking into how to setup "vat" to act as a gateway to bridge
between work (a fast link to the Internet) and my home (vat running in
Linux box with 28.8k PPP/SLIP dial-up).

From the man pages, there's a command line switch "-m" which can make
the host channel high bandwidth audio into lower bandwidth output (like
GSM) such that it can communicate with the slow end (like, someone at
home with slow connection can conference with the rest of the network
talking in high bandwidth audio) ...

Has anyone got "nv" to channle feeds from say a CUSeeme reflector
through "nv" to a low bandwidth format to be reached by a remote host
(like a diapup), and how to do so (how to specify two network addresses
in the command line)?


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