Familiar with Linux vs. Trend Chip-Away?

Familiar with Linux vs. Trend Chip-Away?

Post by Seth Fult » Fri, 22 Jan 1999 04:00:00

This is just a curiosity of mine.

On my motherboard, I have this feature called the Trend Chip-Away Virus
System that is supposed to detect viruses in my boot sector stuff before
other virus protection systems would have a chance to get loaded.

It seems to have the opinion that my Linux boot disk has a virus,
however.  Just to make sure I didn't -really- have a virus, I got a
brand new floppy, right out of shrink wrap.  I formatted it, and made it
into a new boot disk.  The Chip-Away system still sets off alarms when I
boot off of this new disk.

Right now I have Chip-Away disabled within my cmos, so it's not setting
off alarms, but it sounds like kind of a nice feature to have if I can
get it to quit screaming about Linux.

It's been suggested to me that using Lilo instead of a boot disk might
help, or it might not.  I'd prefer to continue to use a boot floppy,
though, since my wife uses only Windows, and would pester me endlessly
if she has to go through any unnecessary steps like choosing an OS.

I searched the Trend web site, but I can't even find -anything- about
their Chip-Away system.  I found a whole product line of other virus
protection stuff, but no Chip-Away.

Is anybody familiar with this Trend product, or problems with it?  I'm
looking for a place to dig and see if I can get the feature enabled and
not have it scream every time I boot to Linux, but so far I can't find


Seth Fultz


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ANy ideas?


Giles RC Morant

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