Slackware 96 XMKMF problem

Slackware 96 XMKMF problem

Post by Bernie Borenste » Fri, 06 Sep 1996 04:00:00

I just installed the Infomagic release of Slackware 96.  Everything
has gone very well so far except one minor problem with xmkmf.  When I
run xmkmf, the makefile it generates has the string -b I486-linuxelf
in it and gcc does not like that, so I have to manually fix all the
makefiles.  This is a pain.  Can anyone guide me to a fix.

                        Bernie Borenstein

reply.  I don't read the news too often.


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I have been running Slackware 3.x Linux (w/ kernel 1.2.13) for several
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Can anyone help me get a handle on the SIZE of this effort?  i.e., what
sorts of things can I expect to break?  (PPP, zftape, etc.????)

--                                                             --
Steve Hill                                      Mountain View, CA


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