munged file via email (long)

munged file via email (long)

Post by jim barch » Sat, 03 Apr 1999 04:00:00

Hello All!

I picked this group to post to because it's possible the problem is
caused by any number (or combination) of reasons. Could be shell, zip,
sendmail, cat, dunno.

I distribute the FidoNet FidoNews email via Majordomo-driven lists.
The distribution is kicked off by this procmail recipe:

:0: bc
| /home/fidonews/bin/newsnooze

That appears to work fine.

Newsnooze is 'probably' not a pretty and elegant script, it was one of
the first 'not trivial' scripts I wrote. I don't even care if it's
ugly, just that it works, so please don't comment on aesthetics unless
it really has to do with functionality. :)



# create a new subdir and go there

cd ~/snoozework
mkdir $$
cd $$

# write what procmailrc passed to us

cat > anysnooze

# determine encoding of incoming file and decode it

grep -i "^Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64" anysnooze && munpack
grep -i "^begin.*660.*" anysnooze &&  uudecode anysnooze

# unzip incoming file, make sure everything is lower case

perl /pl/
unzip *.zip
perl /pl/

# extract filenames

ls | grep "$" > ZFNAME
ls | grep "fido.....nws$" > TFNAME

# create distributable files

uuencode    `cat ZFNAME` `cat ZFNAME` > tmptmpuue
uuencode -m `cat ZFNAME` `cat ZFNAME` > tmptmp64

# post files to mailing lists (whoops, sorry for the wrapping)

-s`cat TFNAME`

-s`cat ZFNAME`

cat ../../bin/pword tmptmp64            | mail

# copy to ftp area

cp *.nws /home/ftp/pub/fnews-nws/1999/.
chown root.ftp /home/ftp/pub/fnews-nws/1999/*
chmod 644 /home/ftp/pub/fnews-nws/1999/*


The problem I'm having is very slight and very unpredictable file
munging. When I first built this script it worked fine, in fact
perfect. I gave someone else password access to post, and the -text-
version of the distribution became munged, here's an example:

     Any programme receiving a packet with a password
differing from the
ssword set up between the system having created the packet and

(Again, sorry for the wrapping.) The above should look like:

     Any programme receiving a packet with a password
differing from the
     password set up between the system having created the
packet and the

It's hard to see with this wrapping but that line is losing 5 ascii
space and the 'pa'. The amount of text -varies-, sometimes half the
line is gone.

The munging repeats through the file at roughly 100 line intervals
(about every 8k if that's a clue.)


OK, so that problem went on for a while. I tinkered with the script
but had no real results. On -rare- occasion the file would go through
-perfectly- clean.

But lately there's a -new- problem. The base64 encoded file is
suffering some trimmed lines, here's an example.

This is the encoded file as it resides in $$:


And here's what received email looks like:


That one lost most of the leading part of the line; it will obviously
fail decoding.

The munging occurs anywhere from every 50 to 150 lines, much less
'regular' than the text munging.


Other possibly helpful clues:

The original *.nws, tmptmp64, and tmptmpuue files as they reside in $$
are -perfect-, there is -never- the slightest problem with them.

The uuencoded version has -never- suffered from this glitch.

When I send to the script from Pegasus/Win16 is 'very often' does not
glitch. (But not often enough to be reliable.

The 'copy to ftp area' lines also appear to not work; files never show
up there. (This is less of a concern for me unless it is a symptom of
other problems.)


So, the questions are:

Are there any obvious errors in the above recipe or script?

What other debugging code could I add to script or recipe to help look
at the problem more closely?


Thanks for listening. Have a :) day!


jim barchuk


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