nn dumps core on startup

nn dumps core on startup

Post by Thomas Okke » Mon, 14 Apr 1997 04:00:00

I just installed nn-6.5.0.b3-1.i386.rpm on my Red Hat 4.0 / Linux
2.0.18 system. I created /usr/lib/nntp_server which contains one line
reading "news.worldaccess.nl" (without the quotes), which really is
the name of my news host.
My internet connection is via the standard networking & PPP stuff,
and everything else (telnet, ftp, sendmail, popclient, Netscape) works
However, when I try to start nn, I get a Segmentation Fault. No
messages or anything useful. What gives?

 - Thomas.
Thomas Okken


1. nn dumps core


I just installed a fresh Debian 1.3.1 Linux system.  I cannot get nn
("No news is good news" news reader).  I have the $NNTPSERVER set
correctly, and also /etc/nntpserver is also correct.

When I type nn, it prints two lines, one that looks like a preliminary
check of my news server (it's calling the correct one), then another
line that's basically the same but has "(posting okay)" added to the
end.  Then it just sits there for a very LONG time.  I'm on a 28.8
modem using ppp; when nn freezes, I see the "rd" light continuously
flashing for a long time.  Then the light will stop, nn will quit with
a segmentation fault, and the core will be dumped.  What gives?

Any help would be sincerely appreciated.

Thanks a million,
garman AT uiuc DOT edu

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