Boot screen problem,,,,,

Boot screen problem,,,,,

Post by dav.. » Tue, 09 Oct 2001 19:37:47

> PROBLEM : this whole screen is showing only the white border, nothing
> inside it at all.

This screen I belive should be displayed by the BIOS, so there is
a proble with the BIOS or the video card. I would try to change the
videocard and see what happen. Take a video card (any video card,
even an old VGA) and try it. Better if is not an AGP card, because
the problem could be in the AGP slot.



Boot screen problem,,,,,

Post by Andy Wischnewsk » Wed, 10 Oct 2001 02:35:46

> Hello,
> I am trying to install Linux RH 6.2   K 2.2.14-5.0
> When booting to a command prompt i have a problem.

> The problem occurs with both floppy and hard disk boot.
> When you turn the computer on, the intial screen displaying memory
> check/ hdd and cd rom detection/ keyboard and floppy detection is
> readable and ok. There is no problem with the actual BIOS settings
> screen/ display is fine.


Quote:> Win98 SE version 4.10.2222 is the only O/S installed.
> The 30Gb Hdd has a 6 Gb fat32 primary partition.
> Then approx. 24 Gb extended part. containing logical partitions:
> 4 Gb Ext2, 2 Gb Ext2,125 Mb swap part. and 17 .5 Gb fat32.
> The ext2 partitions are empty.
> The 2nd hdd has one primary partition, fat32.

> Thanks in advance.
> Matthew

Have you tried to change the resolution under Windows? Or try to open the
MS-DOS-Command-Prompt and change to fullscreen (Alt+Enter) and then back to
What happens?

If you get the same problem with an other (graphics) resolution, you
probably have a problem with your graphics adapter.
If the Problem is only in Text mode, it seems to be an error in the BIOS.
Check for a bootsector Virus.



1. Inverse screen colours on boot screen

I have an old IPX station with a cgthree frame buffer
(GX card i think).

In the NVRAM on this box I can see two boolean parameters
called "inverse?" and "inverse-screen?". The values of
these addresses can be changed to cause the boot up
screen to appear white text on a black background rather
rather than the default black on white.

being able to do this is important to me as I need to
minimise the brightness/luminesence of the screen due
to the environment in which the box is being used.

I was setting these booleans from the Forth prompt by
using :

true to inverse?
true to inverse-screen?

So on the IPX box i was putting these into the NVRAMRC.

However, on an Ultra 1 with an Sbus TurboGX+ frame buffer
I get a data access error message from OpenBoot when
I try to do this.

Can anybody, anywhere help me with this?  I need some
help fairly urgently.

Simon Budd


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