Heah com' da FUD, Heah com' da FUD!

Heah com' da FUD, Heah com' da FUD!

Post by Tim Hans » Sun, 04 Oct 1998 04:00:00

Here's a Microsoft apologist who needs to hear from us:

Let's Hear it for Linux: S Yawn (Upside)


"And yet, there are the press releases and the articles: Intel
and Netscape, along with a couple of venture capital firms,
are investing in Red Hat, a company with a $50 version of
the Linux operating system. Companies from IBM to Oracle
to Corel promise to write software for the operating system.
They want to take advantage of the delays in the release of the
next version of Windows NT, establish a beachhead, create
corporate credibility, and make the world free for an open,
democratic, nontyrannical operating system."

"The arguments are both noble and naive. Linux has a cult-like
following, matched only by that of the Macintosh OS and
OS/2. It1s a modern Unix! It1s stable, superior, enriching! It1s
gonna get creamed. "

Tim Hanson


Heah com' da FUD, Heah com' da FUD!

Post by Alexander Vi » Sun, 04 Oct 1998 04:00:00

[snip the troll]

Quote:>Tim Hanson

Tim, would you f*cking please to keep your, erm, stuff out of c.o.l.m? I guess
that uk.c.o.l also may have a better things to discuss than your trollfest.
Keep the advocacy shit in the lavatory^W*.advocacy where it belongs, don't
pollute non-advocacy groups, damnit!

Folks, if you want to feed that troll - set followups, please.

"You're one of those condescending Unix computer users!"
"Here's a nickel, kid.  Get yourself a better computer" - Dilbert.