Virus scanner for Linux to scan incoming email

Virus scanner for Linux to scan incoming email

Post by Helge-Frank Zimp » Wed, 21 Oct 1998 04:00:00


I asked here in this group (some time ago) about a linux-scanner for linux,
which can be integrated into sendmail to scan incoming emails (the linux box
works as a mailserver for a pc network).

Now i found a perfect solution for it:

There are 3 virus scanners working under linux:

- McAfee (, 30 days trial, licence fee 200$)
- Dr. Solomon (only in iBCS emulation)
- AntiVir/Linux from H+BEDV Datentechnik GmbH (distributed with the SUSE
5.3 antivir.rpm in the pay1 directory)

For the integration into sendmail, there exists the AMaViS Mail Virus Scanner,
which is a package to integrate one of the above scanners into sendmail
(automaticly scan incoming mail, also zipped or compressed in several
The AMaVis package is free software under GNU GPL.
It is available via http://satan.oih.rwth-aachen/AMaViS/amavis.html

Have fun :-)


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1. Email virus-scanning for Linux?

Hi, all.  I'm a de-facto sysadmin for our church LAN, which basically means
that I volunteer my time to take care of the RH 7.2 Linux box that serves as
the church's email and internet gateway box.  (All internet traffic goes
through the Linux box, and the rest of the LAN sits on a private 192.168.*
network behind the Linux box, which does the IP masquerading with iptables).

I now have two problems that I need to solve:

1) (really short term) Figure out how to scan incoming email messages for
the "I send you this file in order to have your advice" so I can nip the
SirCam virus in the bud before it infects any of the Windows machines on our
LAN (again).

2) (also short term) Figure out if it's possible to implement a server-side
virus scanner on the Linux box so I don't have to license a copy of Norton
Antivirus or something for each PC on the lan.

For #1, I imagine there's some way sendmail (8.11.2) can filter out messages
based on the text in the body of the message, but I've never done anything
like that.  Could someone either a) show me how to setup a filter for "I
send you this file in order to have your advice", or b) point me to a site
that will show me how to setup a mail filter like that?

For #2, I've looked at briefly, but I'm a bit confused
by what I see.  Does amavis rely on having another virus scanner installed
already?  (i.e. is it not a virus scanner itself?)  Is that what I need to
look into, or is there another product I should be looking at?  (if I'm not
mistaken, it appears that Symantec and NAI do not sell server-side virus
scanners for Linux).  Is this even going to be possible, or am I better off
just biting the bullet and installed NAV on each client PC (and upgrading
those that are too old to run NAV without practically grinding to a halt)?

Thanks to anyone who can point me in the right direction.

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