HELP: can't compile 1.3.84 stand alone

HELP: can't compile 1.3.84 stand alone

Post by Renato Arau » Wed, 10 Apr 1996 04:00:00

I am having problems compiling 1.3.84 in a stand alone machine.
I tried saying no in configure to network options, but it compiles
net/* anyway. If I say yes I need to configure a device but I have none.
  The problem always happen in the final linking giving undefined reference
to various functions used in netsyms.c
  how to get around this problem and configure Linux as a stand alone kernel?

1. HELP: Compiling PPP 2.2.0e on 1.3.84 (Part 2)

OK, after specifying -O in the compile of pppd, I eliminated the
unresolved __memset_generic, etc. (Thanks to Mark Hahn)

Now ___strtok is undefined in sys-linux.c.

Again my configuration is:
        linux 1.3.84
        gcc 2.7.2


Gordon Edwards

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