kernel header file

kernel header file

Post by Ranjan Se » Thu, 03 Oct 2002 04:28:45

what is the package to install kernel header files for Redhat Linux



1. glibc header files or kernel header files?

I have succesfully installed glibc 2.0.3 on my system. Just recently I have
tried to compile kernel 2.0.30 with it. I also added the pc speaker sound
driver and the newer version of ppp. The kernel compiles fine without the
pc speaker and ppp drivers but with it it fails. The cause appears to be that
the header files installed in /usr/include/sys by glibc conflict with the
header files in linu source tree. Which headers should I use.I tried to
use just the headers from glibc (I copyed all the sys/foo.h over the linux
header files) and the kernel wouldn't compile at all. So which should I use.
Thank you for yur time.

                                                James Simmons

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