DTC SCSI controller info needed

DTC SCSI controller info needed

Post by System Supervis » Fri, 16 Sep 1994 15:07:01


        I am interrested on any information I can get on a particular
SCSI controller, a Data Technology Coorporation (DTC) make.
I belive the model number is 3280A. The following chips are on board

                NCR 9009N       labeled DTC-406
                National S9012-A7 labeled DTS-403-4
                Eprom GHB11A

It has two ribbon connectors, a 150 pin and a 134 pin
one block of jumpers and two blocks of dip switches.

Any information about this adapter would be greatly appreciated,
in particular what it is capable of and what are the definitions
of the jumpers and switches. Also does it have a floppy controller
on it as well?

I am also trying to find out if it is at all usable with Linux.

Thanks in advance.

PS. Could you please mail your responses directly, I can post a
summary if required.