Monitor turned off itself when using SVGALib's applications

Monitor turned off itself when using SVGALib's applications

Post by Gabor Szilagy » Fri, 17 Jul 1998 04:00:00

> :            I found that the monitor will switch to power saving mode
> : when I lanuch any SVGALib applications.

> It may shut down if it is getting refresh rates outside it's available
> range.  Check the config.

> On another note, where can I get SVGAlib sources?  (or where can I get
> one that will recognise a S3 ViRGE/DX EDO board?)


I just got this advise for the same chipset a few days ago
which seems to work. Do not let it probe for the card but
specify the chipset. Although the driver doesn't recognise
the card as ViRGE/DX but at least let me use higher
resolutions (Quake2 looks better this way)..

So go to edit /etc/vga/libvga.config and uncomment or add
the following.


chipset s3 8 4096 #this is for 4MB if you have different
size change it !!
This will use the card as s3 Trio64 (I think,) but better
than nothing you can have 0-15 after s3 0 being probing the
card the rest is specific chipset (I do not have the list of
number corresponding chipset but 8 is working for ViRGE/DX)
Also you might need to edit the file for your monitor (use
only values specified for the monitor otherwise you might
fry it !!!)

Hope this helps,



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