configuring pine in RH6.0

configuring pine in RH6.0

Post by Ramin Sin » Thu, 21 Oct 1999 04:00:00

Does anyone know how can I configure pine in Red hat 6.0 so that
messages from a particular
address go directly and automatically to a particular folder?

Ramin Sina


configuring pine in RH6.0

Post by Marc Gree » Thu, 21 Oct 1999 04:00:00

>Does anyone know how can I configure pine in Red hat 6.0 so that
>messages from a particular
>address go directly and automatically to a particular folder?

Pine won't do it, but there is another, very excellent way to do this:
procmail, the king of filters. As this is installed by default on Red
Hat, all you should have to do is set up a ~/.procmailrc file (assuming
you use fetchmail to retrieve your mail). Once procmail does the sorting,
you can read the mail with pine or any other mail reader you prefer.

Fist there are these special variables that determine the directory
where your individual mail folders will exist, the default 'Inbox'
and place for a log. These should go at the top of the file. Here are
the first few lines of my ~/.procmailrc file:

   MAILDIR=$HOME/mail       #you'd better make sure it exists
   DEFAULT=$MAILDIR/kalyx   #completely optional
   #LOGFILE=$MAILDIR/.log   #recommended

To sort mail, you need to insert 'recipies' after these three lines
above. The following recipie will put any message which has the string
'linux-newbie' anywhere in the To:, Cc:, or From: of the message into
mail folder $HOME/mail/linux-newbie:

   * ^(To:|Cc:|From).*linux-newbie.*

folder it goes:

   * ^FROM.**

After all my lists and spam guards, if a message is addressed directly to
me it goes into the folder I use as my 'Inbox' in pine (as specified in
the pine configuration setup):



Anything left over is probably spam (so much of it is BCC'd), so this
recipie puts any message that has made it this far into the spam folder
(all these recipies are processed in order).


It's a good idea to glance at the spam folder now and then, because it
seems like something important manages to slip in there every once in a
while. Learning about regular expressions and reading 'man procmail',
'man 5 procmailex' and 'man 5 procmailrc' will go a long way towards
mastering the awesome filtering capability of procmail. It can accomplish
more than one might suspect at first, these examples above are very
simple ones.




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Hello all,

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system to replace sendmail.  One of the things required by this install
is moving the mail folders to the users directories.  System is FreeBSD
2.1.5-Release, Pine is version 3.95.

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I've got pine.conf in /usr/local/lib/ as specified as the default
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Thanks for any pointers!!


PS: An e-mailed reply in addition to a follow up post is greatly
appreciated as my news feed isn't all that great ;)

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