how to change the dimensions of a EPS file

how to change the dimensions of a EPS file

Post by Ivo Kambe » Thu, 12 Oct 1995 04:00:00

is there a way to find out automatically the boundingbox of a postscript file?
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how to change the dimensions of a EPS file

Post by Matthew » Fri, 13 Oct 1995 04:00:00

Quote:>Can anyone please tell me if there is any utility around that can
>manipulate a eps file? I run linux on a PC.
>I've a eps file whose bounding box is a lot bigger than its
>content. So when I include it in my*file, it has a huge gap
>between the figure and the text. I have no knowledge of postscript. I
>saw the top line of my eps file says %%BoundingBox: 18 19 577 824.
>I guess it refers to the lower left and upper right corner. I've
>played around with the numbers for a while, but only manage to change
>the width of the bounding box not the height (which is what I want).

I've been looking around in the net to find the suitable software, but
no luck :( There are a lot of programs out there which can do all sort
of fancy stuff to bitmaps. Some of them can import/export eps, but the
internal representation is always in bitmap format and not vector
format. So, for example, after importing an eps file and changes its
size, the final saved eps file will be in bitmap.

The only solution to my problem seems to be that suggested by Jon
Hellan. Use ghostview to find out the co-ordinates and edit the header
%%BoundingBox in the eps file by hand.



how to change the dimensions of a EPS file

Post by mar.. » Sat, 14 Oct 1995 04:00:00

: >: Can anyone please tell me if there is any utility around that can
: >: manipulate a eps file? I run linux on a PC.
: >:

: >   Which*macro package are you using to include the eps file?
: >If it's the one from Tom Rokiki's dvips package, you can add the dimensions
: >as optional arguments to the epsffile macro, i.e.
: >   \epsffile[50 100 400 500]{}

: >   If you're using the new graphics package from LaTeX2e, use the otional
: >arguments to includegraphics, i.e.,
: >   \includegraphics[18mm,35mm][141mm,176mm]{foo.eps}

: My knowledge in*is very limited. The followings is what I use to
: include an eps file.

: \begin{figure}
: \centering
: \leavevmode
: \epsfxsize = 5in
: \epsfbox {cht1.eps}
: \caption{Directed Retry: Simulation model's flow chart}
: \label{DirRetry_flowcht}
: \end{figure}

: I think the version of*I use is Latex2e. It's from the Linux Slackware
: distribution 2.1. And I use Tom Rokiki's dvips program. How do I apply your
: solution to my case?

: Thanks.

: Matthew

if you've ghostscript installed, try pstoepsi
This will run ghostscript to find out which part of the page is actually
used and set the BoundingBox accordingly. If you want to set the BB by hand,
use ghostview: it displays the coordinates of the mouse cursor in the

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## Nachricht vom 03.05.97 weitergeleitet
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Hello Linuxfreaks !

I installed Linux two weeks ago and I am verry happy with it. But now I've  
got a problem I can't solve : I want to write a text in LaTex with  
graphics, no probs so far - but if I want to use graphics made under Win95  
it does not work. If it is a graphic made under Linux it works. I tried to  
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Many thanks to you,

Ciao, Frank

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