RedHat 4.0 and FTPD

RedHat 4.0 and FTPD

Post by Georg Dei » Mon, 14 Oct 1996 04:00:00


I just upgraded to RedHat 4.0.

The Problem now is, no sessions will be logged to /var/log/xferlog

Is this a pam.config Problem ???


Which log file is used be ftpd-RedHat 4.0 or which is the config file
for this task ???




1. RedHat 4.0: solved my ftpd problem

A while ago I posted to this group detailing a problem that involved
installing the new RedHat 4.0 and losing the ability to ftp in (basically,
ftpd authentication was not working).

I *finally* figured out that it had nothing to do with shadow passwords and
everything to do with Linux-PAM. Simple configuration of pam.conf solved the

But, what I want (from the makers of RedHat) to know is this:

I understand that the "OTHER" actions in /etc/pam.conf are to deny, that
makes sense; it's more secure. However, WHY is it that there's no ftp service
configured right off the bat? It's a core service to Unix/Linux systems, it
doesn't make sense for it to not be included in the default pam.conf that
comes with RedHat.

Now, knowing that many of the FTP installs for everyone with 4.0 went
"screwy", I may have gotten a flaky FTP package. If this is the case, I'd
just like to know that the company I have always had the greatest of faith
didn't really screw up again.

Jordan Ritter
Human Touch Technologies

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