The last Linux C library version 5, 5.4.46, is released.

The last Linux C library version 5, 5.4.46, is released.

Post by Kurt Fitzn » Mon, 27 Jul 1998 04:00:00


> The Linux C library 5.4.46 is a bug-fixing release for libc 5.4.44.
> There are no new features in this release. This is the last release of
> libc 5.4.xx. All my machines are now running RedHat 5.1 which is based
> on glibc 2, aka libc 6. Please check the glibc 2 web site for details.

Will GLIBC2 make it to Sunsite/Kernel.Org/et al as libc-6?  Old release.libc
files indicated that when glibc2 was stable enough, then it would be
released on Sunsite.

1. How to compile libc 5.4.46

        I was about to install INN 2.0 when I realized it needs libc 5.4 or 6,
and I have libc 5.3.12 . So I downloaded the source for libc, and tried to
compile it... but no way. For some reason I dont understand, it doesnt seem
to find some critical .h files, like stddef.h and anything under linux/ , even
with the symbolic link to /usr/src/linux/include/linux

        Can anybody help? Do I have to untar it on a particular directory
to compile? Its the Makefile broken somehow?

        Thanks in advance...

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