Drivers from Hitachi Proprietary CD-ROM Interface?

Drivers from Hitachi Proprietary CD-ROM Interface?

Post by Robert Kneus » Wed, 12 Feb 1997 04:00:00

Is there a driver for the Hitachi CDR-1700S which uses it's own
proprietary interface card?

Let me know...



1. Non Recognition of Proprietary CD-ROM Driver

Be warned I'm an absolute total LINUX Newbie.

I've had Red Hat ver 7.1 downloaded and burned onto CD for me. I've made a
bootdisk with boot.img which will boot and load just fine. When choosing the
type of CDROM, I choose *other* as I have a proprietary  CDROM attached to a
Soundblaster Card. I have made a floppy with the oldcdrom.img on it, LINUX
recognises this disk as a valid driver disk and I can attempt to load the
CDU31A Driver. However LINUX returns the error message 'ERROR - Failed to
Insert CD31A Module".

Can some kind person point me in the right direction ??

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