Mini-FAQ: antivirus-software for Linux, version 1.2, released 03/05/1999

Mini-FAQ: antivirus-software for Linux, version 1.2, released 03/05/1999

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                Mini-FAQ: "antivirus software for Linux"
                        Version: 1.2
                        Release Date: 03/05/1999
                        Maintainer: Rainer Link

1. About this mini-FAQ
This mini-FAQ informs you about currently available antivirus software
for Linux.

2. Overview
All listed products do not only search for known Linux-viruses (such
as Staog or Bliss), but also for known viruses for DOS/Windows, macro
viruses or Trojan Horses.
According to the producers, the Linux-version of their av-software
uses the same scanning engine as it is used at the Windows-version.
Only "Linux-native" av-software is written down here.

2.1 H+B EDV AntiVir/X
Producer/Developer: H+B EDV Datentechnik GmbH, Tettnang, Germany
Version: 5.16.01, 22th Dec. 1998
Size (compressed): approx. 0,8 MB

Pricing: AntiVir/X is freeware for private use, but it is recommended
to register the software via eMail.

2.2 NAI Netshield (uvscan) for Unix (Linux)
Producer/Developer: Network Associates, USA
Version: 3.18, July 1998
Size (compressed): approx. 2 MB

Pricing: should be part of the "Total Virus Defense", please ask their
sales team.
Comments: According to Network Associates, Germany, the Dr Solomon's
engine will be integrated into NetShield/Unix (version 4.0x). An
official release date is not announced yet.

2.3 Sophos Sweep for Linux [Intel/Alpha]
Producter/Developer: Sophos UK / Sophos US
Version: 3.19, March 1999
Size (compressed): approx. 1 MB

Pricing: In Germany it is freeware for private use, but it is
recommended to register it by email, phone or fax.

2.4 Trend Micro Virus Scanner fuer Linux
Producer/Developer: Trend Micro, USA
Download: not available yet.
Version: 3.1, VSAPI 2.041-1208
Size (compressed): approx. 1,6 MB

Pricing: unkonwn
Comments: Until now, in Germany the Linux-version is only
available by request, if you buy a Trend Micro product. As far as I
know, the Trend staff is discussing, whether the software will be
freeware for
private use or not.

2.5 AMaViS - A Mail Virus Scanner
Developer: Christian Bricart, Juergen Quade, Mogens Kjaer
Version: 0.2-pre2, 25th Feb. 1999
Size (compressed): approx. 100 KB

Pricing: Freeware
Comments: AMaViS is not really a virus scanner, but a tool for
sendmail to check attachments for viruses using H+B EDV AntiVir/X,
NAI NetShield or Dr Solomon's AVTK for SCO Unix.

2.6 *Soft VFind Security ToolKit (VSTK) for Linux
Developer: *Soft Inc., United States
Download: an evaluation copy is available upon request
Version: Current VSTK147
Size (compressed): approx. 1 MB

Pricing: see http://www.*.com/products/masterprice.html
Comments: The VFind Security ToolKit is a suite of computer security
antivirus tools.

2.7 KasperskyLab AntiViral Toolkit Pro (AVP) for Linux [Intel]
Developer: KasperskyLab, Russia
Version: 3.0 - beta 1
Size (compressed): 67 KB (scanner) + 1.2 MB (database)

Pricing: free of charge (according to press release)

3. Contacting the author
If you have questions, critics or if you find an error in this

4. Distribution of this document
This document may be distributed freely via eMail, in Newsgroups or
be put on a web-site, if it is garantied that it is not altered in
any way. If you put this mini-faq on your web-site, I would be pleased
if you put a link to
on your site, too.

(c) by Rainer Link, 03/05/1999 - All rights reserved.
All information in this document are provided "as it is".
There is no warranty, that it is faultless or that
all (known) products are listed. All trademarks are respected.
Please apologize any misspellings for the reason that English is not
my native-language.

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