2.3 Probs: Doom/OLVWM/OLWM

2.3 Probs: Doom/OLVWM/OLWM

Post by Richard x474 » Wed, 30 Aug 1995 04:00:00


I've just installed slackware 2.3 from CD and have a few niggling problems..

The first is with doom, both console and X versions.

The game loads and hangs the whole machine immediately.  Even a laptop running
as a
terminal stops.  I'm having problems tracing the problem down. Xdoom leaves
complaining that it can't access /dev/dsp, but this devices exists. Does doom
need to run
as root in Xwindows? i know it will need to in SVGA mode.  Any ideas on the
would be helpful.

Now, i'm a Openwindows man, as i use Sun's at work. Thus with X11R6 i want to
olvwm or olvm as a window managers. The only snag is that even running in
the menus and windows are all far too big. (fvm and twm are better in this
respect). Is it
possible to scale everything in olwvm. I don't want to run higher resolution
that 1024x768
as everything which isn't a openLook object is over small. olvwm and olwm are
designed for Sun monitors which are 1600x1200, so in 800x600 i'd need to half
the size of
all the objects... can this be done? Are there any other possible solutions?

Hope people can come up with answers, it would be most appreciated...