NetScape through MoDeM?

NetScape through MoDeM?

Post by Liu Ch » Sat, 22 Apr 1995 04:00:00

Hi, Friends

Does anybody successfully install and run it through a modem line? Can
you tell me what/how did you do? Email reply is prefered.

Thanks a lot.



1. modem thru modem to work?

Hi all

Just got my non-winmodem modem and promptly erased all traces of windows
off the HD. did a clean install of Redhat 6.1 and fired up the modem
only to get  "no dial tone". Did all the standard checks and every thing
was fine. Tried the modem on my kids win98 box. same msg.

Just out of curiosity I ran the modem thru the phone jack  on the win
box and went from the winmodem to the wall jack.  And damned if it
didn't work. Anyone have any Ideas what's up.

It's a Bestdata 56SX


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