IBM TP500 - "floppy=thinkpad" - what kernel needed?

IBM TP500 - "floppy=thinkpad" - what kernel needed?

Post by Doug Fri » Sat, 04 Feb 1995 03:11:21

How new of a kernel do I need to be able to specify the
"floppy=thinkpad" boot parameter to handle the inverted disk change



1. What are the hardware differences between "regular" floppy drives and IBM Thinkpad drives ?

To boot Linux on IBM Thinkpad laptops, the string "floppy=thinkpad" has
to be input to the kernel loader.
Looking at kernel source (1.2.1) I found the only "documented" difference
was the "inverted DCL bit". Is there any other difference. Could someone
point me to any other sources of information.


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