New Linux Supplement CD-ROM is available NOW!

New Linux Supplement CD-ROM is available NOW!

Post by Roman Yanovsky ro.. » Thu, 14 Jul 1994 01:03:57

Trans-Ameritech Systems announcing the Linux Supplement CD-ROM.

                        Main features.

*  Linux SLACKWARE Distribution

*  SLS 1.05 with modular Linux Kernel

*  DEBIAN 0.91

*  Two sets of kernels (1.1.18 and 1.0.9)

Upon finalizing agreement with the distributor, optional Motif clone - SWiM,
(100% source code compatible "Motif for Linux") will be availabe.
(registration is required to activate it and receive printed documentation).

X11R6 - for the hard core hackers and general information we include the full
        uncompressed source tree of the latest X-windows code.

                        Some new features

JE- The updated version of Japanese Extensions

EMACS - two major reseases: GNU EMACS 19.24 and X-based Lucid "lemacs-19.10"

Security patch to fix a serious security hole in most Linux Systems.

                New releases of Linux applications:

Interviews 1.3          text and graphics utilities
linuxdoc-sgml-1.1 - document preparation.
ImageMagick - prcess many graphics formats.

PLAN - a full blown graphical calendar and shedule manager.

EBBS - a BBS package (create and run your own BBS).

XDOS 0.4a -  DOS emulator in an X window.

WINE 960602 - ALPHA code that will one day run all MS-Windows apps.

IMAZE - a network game

New for June 94 HOW-TO guides in raw text and ready to print formated files.

UMSDOS-0.3a - run Linux on top of your DOS disk partition.
IBCS-940526 - support for SCO binaries.

WORD lists in most European languages ready for spell checkers.
GNU and international versions of the "ispell" spell checkers

FTAPE-1.12 - support for non-SCSI tape backup.

The latest GNU C/C++

PostScript clone "ghostscript"

Networking packages with news and e-mail: TCP/IP, UUCP, SLIP, SCLIP, mailx
dip, deliver, elm, pine, smail, cnews, nn, tin, trn

Communication apps: term 1.1.4, minicom, Seyon (X-Windows based)

Spreadsheet "sc"

Object Oriented GNU Smalltalk 1.1.1 and Smalltalk interface to X (STIX)

Powerfull script language with Motif-like X interface: tcl7.3, tk3.6
now with Motif library

Popular window managers: openwin, twm, fvwm

Easy X-Windows configuration with many real-life examples

                        Some X Applications include

Workman, xdraw, xfilemanager, xv 3.0, GNU chess and xboard, xfm 1.2,
ghostview, X games

Typesetting: TeX, LaTeX, New xdvi, dvips, Metafont, groff
MultiMedia: mpeg video and sound applications, Mosaic
New and easy to use EFAX - send and receive FAXes


The Internet price for Linux Supplement CD is          $20

The price for our current (Release 3) Linux Plus CD is $30

The price for a package order:
Linux Plus CD (Release 3) and Linux Supplement CD
(Trans-Ameritech Linux Package)  in one shipment is -  $40

Below is the ordering information.

You can order by email, by phone (408)727-3883 or FAX (408)727-3882.

If you prefer to send a cheque/money order, our address is:

Trans-Ameritech Enterprises, Inc.
2342A Walsh Ave
Santa Clara, CA 95051

If you order with a credit card (VISA, M/C, American Express) please indicate
the card number, expiration date and your mailing address.

The order will be processed and the CD shipped the same day.

Shipping and handling in US is $5, Canada/Mexico $6, Overseas $8.
COD is available in the US only for $4.50

California residents please add sales tax.

Anual subscriptions (4 Regular Releases) are available for $80 plus s&h.
(note: there are 4 shipments in a subscription)
Example subscription in US is: $80 + $5 * 4 = $100
Subscription in Europe/Japan etc. is: $80 + $8 * 4 = $ 112


1. Universal CD-ROM resells LINUX CD-ROM

        Universal CD-ROM (tm) resells various Linux CD-ROM Titles. If
you know some other place offers better price, please let us know, we will
try to match.

        The price does not include shipping and California sales tax (if
applicable).  We accept Visa/MasterCharge Card.

        Universal CD-ROM (tm)
        1645 S. Bascom Ave., #7
        Campbell, CA 95008


LINUX 1.0  for  $20 + Shipping $3 + California Sales tax if applicable.

By InfoMagic, Linux CD-ROM new release in 4/94, is a double CD set
containing the entire archives from and  In addition the disc contains the TAMU
1.0-A distribution and the complete GNU Source archive from

Important version numbers:

Kernel 1.0
SLS 1.0.5
TAMU 1.0-A
Debian 0.91 Beta

The SLS bootdisks have been customized to allow
installation directly from the CD.

End of Note

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