Absulutely can't get multi-link in 3Com Impact IQ ISDN adapter..

Absulutely can't get multi-link in 3Com Impact IQ ISDN adapter..

Post by Ollie Aches » Mon, 06 Jul 1998 04:00:00

Following are the modem setup variables I use to logon with both B-channels to



Z - Reset
V1 - verbose codes
S60=64 - set 64kbps B channel data rate
S61=2 - outgoing call type=isdn
S71=1 - B Channel Protocol = Async-Sync PPP Conversion

The last one was the one that did it for me.

Note also that if you don't use S61=2 then use must use ATD (not ATDT)
to prefix your isp phone number.

Hope this helps.


>I have tried and tried.  I cannot get a multi-link connection out of the 3Com
>Impact IQ ISDN adapter.  I can easily get a 1-B Channel connect, but have no
>luck with getting both B-Channels going.

>I have tried this through diald (which is what I used for Linux with previous
>28.8 connection, worked beautifully, what with IP masq. for windoze laptop),
>and I have tried setting this up through the ppp dialer that comes with KDE.  
>I have had more success with the KDE dialer than getting diald to work with
>it.  I can get a connection in the ppp dialer, albeit at 64k.  I get nothing
>with previously functional diald.  Old modem still on /dev/cua0, new isdn on
>/dev/cua3.  Everything works in windoze...  My old analog modem still works
>fine from Linux.

>I have searched Deja-News and have tried two init codes posted by people who
>had similar problems, to no avail.  Is there anyone else who has difficulty
>getting this thing going?  I am dying without full speed internet connectivity
>via my Redhat 5.0 setup.  Linux has always been much faster than windoze
>for internet, and I'd love to get 128k out of it...  I'm now back in NT4 for
>maximum surfing capability.

>I'll take ANY advice, as I'm at end of rope.



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1. 3com Impact IQ ISDN modem and Linux: it doesn't work well, anybody know why?

Hi, I have a LAN with 3 Windoze/95 machines and 2 Windoze/98 machines
connected to a Linux RH 5.1 (2.0.34 Kernel) machine which connects to a
3Com Impact IQ ISDN modem which in turn connects to an ISP.  The modem
works tolerably well in the evening and the middle of the night, but it
is unreliable to the point of uselessness during the day time.  U.S.
West, the local TELCO, stuck an analyzer on the line and (I am getting
this third hand so take it with a grain of salt) I am running 3.1
Kbits/sec analog instead of 115 Kbits/sec digital.  All of the machines
can access the web once the connection is up, so I assume that IP
masquerading and IP routing are done correctly; and if we use a 56 Kbit
modem instead of the ISDN modem, everything works fine, too; so I am
fairly confident the problem is the setup of our modem.  Also, if we use
the ISDN modem with Windows/95, the way 3Com intended it to be used, it
seems to run like the wind.

I've surfed 3Com's website.  3Com is a very technically savy company -
why don't they support Linux or at least give us the technical
information we need to work this stuff out?

Anybody have any advice?

Many thanks,


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