New DIP release (last for this month :-)

New DIP release (last for this month :-)

Post by Uri Blumenth » Sat, 10 Sep 1994 09:22:59

Well, well... After a few more bug fixes, I've decided to
release the maintenance version 3.3.7i. Please hold your
fire until mid-October (I won't be available before
that anyways :-). I believe this release is fairly
safe (looks like all/most of the bugs of 337[gh]
are squashed now).

But I do suggest you upgrade to "dip337i.tgz", which will
appear on sunsite today or tomorrow...



1. DIP-3.3.7a released (:-)

Hi and enjoy!

An updated DIP-3.3.7a is released and posted to
"" to "pub/Linux/Incoming"...

It fixes a couple of bugs in tty_close() code,
and it's tested on 1.1.13 kernel (make sure
you have new "ifconfig" to use with it :-).

Dial-out works perfectly for me.  I didn't test
dial-in, but I assume after that tty_close() is
fixed, you should have no problem.But if you do,
complain! (:-)


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