xdm setup

xdm setup

Post by Jan Lindhe » Thu, 05 May 1994 03:34:03

Because of not proper reset of the Diamond Stealth Pro graphics board,
I need to run xdm to not have to leave graphics mode.
If I try to do an rlogin to one of the other machines on the network from one
of my xterms, I get an immediate "rlogin: connection closed" message.
Telnet works fine.  I can also successfully send a remote command to another
machine, like "rsh delilah who".
If I log into the Linux box from another machine and then do a rlogin from
the Linux box, everything works fine.  Only windows started up locally have
this problem.
If I do not start up xdm during reboot, but instead run "startx", I have no
problem with rlogin.
I'm currently running Slackware 1.2.0 and Linux kernel 1.1.11.

Has anybody else seen this problem?
Any help on this is very much appreciated.


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1. xdm-setup question

Hello out there!

    A problem of a novice Linux user:

       I'm unable to have xdm control  the login procedure. Xdm starts itself
       and starts the X server right, the xlogin window appears, but the user
       password verification allways fails.

       Deleting the password entries in /etc/passwd makes login enable, but I
       don't think that's the right way to establish this feature.

       Running 'xdm -debug 1' enforces this fact, cause it says 'verification
       password  failed' (or something   like that, don't remember the  exact
       message). Telling me  the length of the typed  password --  I think it
       reads the correct one from the login window.

    Obviously xdm crypt's the password in another way the passwd program does.


    What can I do?  Do I have to recompile xdm?

    I  got XFree86-3.1.2  from  a precompiled installation  and  there  is no
    source code of the  XFree86 clients. Do I  have to recompile the original
    MIT distribution? (Is  this even possible on  linux  systems?)

    Are there  places in the net  where I can  get binary  xdm versions using
    different password coding algorithms?

    Many thanks in advance -- Peter
Peter Weiss, Sonnenstra?e 17, D-26123 Oldenburg, Tel:  0441/ 81058
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